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High Temp Error


A High Temp Error is specific to WiFIRE-enabled grills, and will occur when the grill's temperature reaches 550ºF/285ºC or higher for more than a few minutes. This is generally caused by excessive grease or ash buildup in the grill, or improper startup.


To clear a High Temp Error, attempt the following steps. If the issue persists, call Customer Service .

  1. Clean out the firepot.
  2. Place 5-10 pellets back into the firepot
  3. Restart Grill.
  4. If the notification still shows up after restarting your grill, you can clear notifications by navigating on your controller to Menu > Settings > Clear Notifications.

D2 grills require a closed-lid startup, meaning you should preheat your grill with the lid shut. Failure to do so will often result in temperature irregularities throughout your cook. Use the following path to perform the closed-lid start up:

  1. Turn on Grill
  2. Ensure the lid is closed
  3. Set the desired temperature
  4. Press Ignite.