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Insert Meat Probe

You may find that you get a notification on your grill saying, "Insert Meat Probe."

Notification While Cooking

This message is common to see while in the middle of a cook. You will find that it occurs when you have your wired meat probe plugged into your grill but not inserted into your meat or other item you are cooking. If you don't care to know the temperature of your food, you may go ahead and unplug the wired meat probe from your grill, and this will clear the message. If you do want to know your food's temperature, simply insert the meat probe into your food and the notification should clear as well.

Notification While Not Cooking

If you get this message when you aren't in the middle of a cook, a hard power reset will clear the notification. To perform a hard power reset

  • Power off your grill
  • Unplug your grill
  • Wait 15 seconds
  • Plug in your grill
  • Power up your grill