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Other FAQ

I lost my Traeger sticker that came with my grill. Can I get a replacement?

  • Currently, we do not have replacements for the Traeger sticker that comes with the grill.

Can I get a replacement for the Traeger emblem that was used on the older models?

  • We no longer manufacture old-school emblems.

I did not receive the cookbook that was supposed to come with the grill.

  • We no longer include the cookbooks with our grills. We have decided to include all our recipes for free on our app!

Where can I purchase the large orange Traeger mats seen at dealers?

  • These are currently not for sale.

How do I remove my pellets from the hopper if my grill does not have a pellet evacuation door?

  • Without the pellet door, Grills need to either have all the pellets in the hopper ran through or removed manually with a small bucket. The grease buckets are the perfect size for this; make sure the bucket is cleaned out before using it to clear out the pellets. We do not recommend tipping the grill to empty the hopper.

The pellet storage lid will not fit on the bucket I purchased.

  • These lids are designed specifically to work with most 5 gallon buckets. If the lid is close to fitting, you can soak the lid in warm water. This will expand the plastic and make it easier for the lid to fix.

What are the power requirements for Traegers?

  • AC grills - 300W
  • D2 grills - 110W

Can I buy individual nuts and bolts for my grill?

  • Your grill should come with a hardware kit for installation that includes the necessary nuts and bolts needed. If you require any extras, Traeger cannot sell these individually; however, these can be found at any hardware store.

Some parts of my grill came covered in oil. What is it?

  • This is a food-grade, non-toxic mineral oil used to prevent rusting