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Pellet Guide

Traeger wood pellets are made from 100% natural hardwood--that means no fillers, binding agents, bark material, or artificial additives. Our pellets are sourced from five, Traeger-owned U.S. mill facilities. The different types of wood we use burn and release flavor differently, so each pellet flavor requires its own unique blend of natural hardwoods to provide consistent flavor and performance.

The production of all of our wood pellets involves using a small amount of food-grade soybean oil, which functions as a lubricant for our machines. In some specialty wood pellet flavors, the food-grade soybean oil is infused with natural woods, herbs or citrus. During our patented production process, the food-grade soybean oil helps combine these natural flavors into our 100% hardwood pellets. This delivers the perfect amount of flavor while maintaining the optimal burn-to-smoke ratio.

As the only company that owns and operates its entire pellet production – from mill to grill – Traeger is able to offer the highest standard U.S.-made, food-grade quality pellets.

All pellets are a blend of either Alder or Oak plus the wood flavor:

  • West Coast mills produce pellets made from Alder and Other Wood
  • East Coast mills produce pellets made from Oak and Other wood

All pellets contain a small amount of food-grade soybean oil because it is used to lubricate the machinery in the mills.

Pellets contain no additives. They are held together by the naturally-occurring lignins in the wood from the extreme pressure applied in the pellet press equipment.

Proper Pellet Storage

Did you know many grill issues can be attributed to old or poor-quality pellets? Proper pellet storage will help ensure you are making the most of your cooking experience.

  • Pellets should be stored in a dry, airtight container to prevent moisture and humidity from compromising pellet quality.
  • We recommend using a bucket and lid for storage. Check out our Traeger Storage Lid and Filter or our Traeger Bucket.
  • Pellets may be compromised if they are light in color, not shiny, dusty, break easily, or the bag has lots of sawdust in it.

Pellet Blends

We have multiple blends that we sell. Blends are a mix of multiple types of wood as seen in the chart below. There are also some unique blends that have a combination of multiple woods and even citrus and rosemary.

  • Signature Blend: Hickory, Maple, Cherry
  • Reserve Blend: Oak, Cherry, Apple
  • Costco Gourmet Blend: Maple, Hickory, Cherry
  • Texas Beef Blend: Oak, Mesquite, Pecan
  • Turkey Blend: Oak, Hickory, Maple, Rosemary herbs
  • Realtree Big Game Blend: Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak, Rosemary herbs
  • Winemaker's Blend: Hickory, Oak, Maple, Alder
  • Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Blend: Alder, Maple, Citrus

Pellet Flavor Substitutions

Sometimes you may not be able to find the flavor pellets you want because they're out of stock, or you want to use what you have. Here are some comparable substitutions that will give you a flavor similar to what a recipe calls for.

  • Alder: Use hickory for more smoke flavor or Cherry for slightly less. If making seafood, try Mesquite.
  • Maple: Apple or Cherry will give you a similar flavor.
  • Oak: Use hickory for more smoke flavor or Cherry for slightly less.
  • Realtree Big Game Blend: Try using our Turkey Blend.
  • Texas Beef: Mix up some Mesquite and Pecan for a nice blend.