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Pellet sensor


The Traeger Pellet Sensor lets you monitor the pellet levels in your WiFIRE® grill through the Traeger App, as well as receive alerts when pellet levels are low. To view the pellet level on your grill, turn on your controller and go to Menu > Pellet Sensor.


The pellet sensor accessory is compatible only with WiFIRE-enabled grills. While not every WiFIRE-enabled grill comes standard with a pellet sensor, you may purchase one as an add-on accessory. AC grills are not compatible with the accessory.


To install your Traeger Pellet Sensor, follow the steps below, or find our easy-to-follow Traeger Pellet Sensor installation video HERE .

  1. Power off and unplug the grill and empty pellets from the hopper.
  2. Remove the hopper safety grate.
  3. Place cloth over the auger tube to avoid losing screws.
  4. Remove hopper screws.
  5. Wipe down the inside of the hopper to remove any remaining pellet dust.
  6. Remove the rubber grommet.
  7. Connect the wire from the hopper to the wires from the pellet sensor.
  8. Screw the pellet sensor to the hopper interior using the screws you removed in step 4.
  9. Remove the cloth from the auger tube.
  10. Replace the hopper safety grate.
  11. Refill the hopper with pellets, plug in and turn on the grill.


To get the most accurate results, you’ll need to calibrate your Traeger Pellet Sensor after installing it. Follow the steps below to learn how to calibrate your pellet sensor, or watch our video for step-by-step instructions HERE .

  1. Power on the grill.
  2. You will see a message saying, "Calibrate your pellet sensor for accurate results."
  3. Select "Calibrate now."
  4. Empty the pellets from your hopper.
  5. Select, "OK."
  6. Select OK to calibrate empty hopper.
  7. Your empty hopper has now been calibrated.
  8. Select, "OK."
  9. Place your hand under Pellet sensor to block light. Select “OK” while your hand is under the sensor.
  10. Your pellet sensor is now calibrated.


If you experience issues with your pellet sensor, first review these steps prior to calling Customer Service.

  • Check the connectors for damage.
  • Ensure the grill being used is compatible.
  • Ensure the grill is on the latest firmware.
  • For latest versions, please check www.Traeger.com/status
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the sensor.
  • Power cycle the grill using the switch on the back of the hopper.
  • Clear the Cache by following these steps (do these steps if it fails to calibrate):
    1. Power off grill (Including switch on back)
    2. Disconnect Pellet sensor
    3. Power grill on (temp select screen)
    4. Power off grill (Including switch on back)
    5. Reconnect Pellet Sensor
    6. Power grill on
    7. Run Pellet Sensor calibration
  • Make sure the grill is off when unplugging the sensor and plugging it back in. If the pellet sensor is connected while the grill is on, it will not work until it is rebooted.