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Portable Grill Temperature

Portable grills are a favorite in the Traegerhood. Let's make the most of your portable grill experience by helping you understand how temperatures and cooking may differ from your larger grills.

Portable Grills

  • Scout
  • Ranger

Running Hot

Due to the smaller size of the grill, portable grills heat up quickly and typically run hotter than what the customer may set the grill temp to due to the smaller size of the grill. This is important for customers to note as it may effect their cook.

Reaching Temperature

  • These grills take a little longer to "settle" on set temperatures than the larger grills.
  • It is normal for these grills to fluctuate around 25 degrees above and below the set temperature during your cook.
  • Proper maintenance is extra important due to the grill's small size and the proximity of the grease tray to the flame.
  • Failure to follow proper startup/shutdown procedures can cause increased temperature issues with next cook.

Food Placement

Try not to place food too close to the RTD (the temperature gauge). Due to the small size of the grill, placing food too close to the RTD may cause the RTD to pick up on the temperature of the food, thus thinking the grill has a lower temperature than it does. This can result in an unnecessary amount of pellets being fed to the firepot.