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How to Replace a Power Switch

The following instructions will walk you through how to remove and install a power switch on a Pro, Ironwood or Timberline Grill.

  1. Begin by confirming the grill is shut down and cool.

  2. Disconnect the power cable from the outlet and remove the power cable from the grill.

  3. Remove the hopper bottom grate/cover by removing the 4 Phillips screws securing it in place.

  4. Press the two tabs on the ends of the power switch while pushing the switch out of the hopper.

    • Note that this is the most challenging step and may require moving the switch back and forth or possibly using a standard screwdriver on the outside, in addition to prying the switch out.
    • Also, it can be easier to disconnect the wires first (next step), but note the orientation if so.
  5. Disconnect the 3 connectors from the power switch (see photo below).

  6. With the wires on the outside of the hopper, connect them to the new power switch (see diagram below).

  7. Press the switch into the hopper, orientation does not affect the grill, but the "ON" is typically on the top.

  8. Reinstall the hopper grate/bottom cover using the 4 Phillips screws you removed in step 3 above.

  9. Reinstall the power cord.

  10. Plug the grill in, turn it on (switch should light up), and fire it up!