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Bottom Round Roast


The bottom round is one of three cuts butchered from the round primal. It includes the rump and hind legs of the animal. This is a lean, relatively tough cut of meat and is best when cooked low and slow in preparations such as pot roast or jerky.

Other Common Names

  • Bottom Round Oven Roast
  • Bottom Round Rump Roast

Primal Cut

  • Round Primal

Bottom Round Roast Cooking Methods and Tips

Typical Cooking Methods

  • Braising

  • Roasting

  • Jerky

General Cooking Recommendations

As the name "roast" suggests, you can roast a bottom round. However, we don't recommend it. This cut is from the round portion, close to the rump. Obviously, these muscles get plenty of use when the animal moves which means the meat is tougher — much tougher than traditional roast cuts like prime rib.

There is plenty of flavor there, so if you don't mind a little extra chewing, by all means try a high-temperature roast.

But our recommendation would be to braise the cut. The long cooking process and added moisture will make the meat fall-apart tender while preserving the flavor.

How to Cook Bottom Round Roast on Your Traeger

You can turn bottom round roast into a delicious pot roast on your Traeger, but this cut is also a good candidate for beef jerky.

Because it is a large cut, it can be turned into the long, thin strips that make for the best beef jerky. You can see the full beef jerky process here, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Slice the beef into 1/4-inch strips.
  2. Marinate the beef overnight.
  3. Dry the strips as much as possible.
  4. Smoke on your Traeger at 180 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 to 5 hours, until the meat is dry but chewy and somewhat bendable.

Bottom Round Roast FAQs

Is Bottom Round Roast a Good Cut?

No, it's really not. The meat is quite tough so it really should only be used for pot roast or beef jerky.

How Much Does Bottom Round Roast Cost?

You should be able to find it for $5 to $7 per pound.

How Do You Know When Bottom Round Roast Is Done?

The bottom round roast should be cooked until it is very tender, to an internal temperature of 204 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Is Bottom Round Roast Best For?

The best use for this cut is beef jerky.

Can Bottom Round Roast Be Cooked From Frozen?

No, never cook a large piece of beef from frozen. If you are making jerky, it would be okay to chill the roast until it is slightly firm, which will make it easier to slice. Obviously, you don't want to freeze it too much, because it would be impossible to slice.

Interesting Facts About Bottom Round Roast

Internationally, cuts from the round are used in curing, braising, or other low and slow methods of cooking. One example from Korean cuisine is Jangjorim. In this dish, beef is braised in soy sauce and served in the broth, or sometimes with mushrooms.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association identifies the bottom round roast with UPC number 1464. You may see this number in the UPC code on the beef package label at the supermarket.

Bottom Round Roast Nutritional Facts

According to the USDA, a roasted 6-ounce portion contains 288 calories, 48.2 grams of protein, and 9.1 grams of fat.

Bottom Round Roast Recipes

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Bottom Round Roast Photos