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Justin Arquish

Backyard BBQ’er


It all started with a love of good food, craft beer, and an Instagram account. Justin Arquish—better known as @Utetastic—cooks up epic eats right in his backyard on his Traeger grill, but it’s his drool-worthy photos that have gotten the attention of people from all over the globe. He enjoys creating all types of food, from smoked meat for tacos to wood-fired pizza, but his personal favorite has always been burritos. Check out his Instagram page to get inspired—and most likely very hungry.


Interview with Diva Q

This question depends on the cook. Brisket and ribs are slow and low. Steaks and chops are reverse seared. First slow and then hot and fast!from slower longer cooking times and enzymatic marinades to help break down the proteins and make them more tender.

My Traeger Ranger. Super easy to use and packs a legitimate searing punch!

The sweet sound of rolling smoke and classic rock.

I like to hike, and the Ranger works very well up in the mountains. The Uinta Range in Utah is my place.

I made beef heart jerky on the Traeger. The reason why is because I met a man from Mali (Africa) and he was buying 4 pounds of beef hearts, he told me it was the best beef. I gave it a shot, and I don’t know about best, but it was pretty damn good!


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