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Traeger Grills Wins Lawsuit Against Dansons

Traeger obtains permanent injunctions against maker of Louisiana and Pit Boss Grills

Alleges Louisiana and Pit Boss Grill Maker Dansons Has Engaged in Deliberate Campaign to Copy Traeger Grill Design and Confuse Consumers Through Trademark Infringement and False Advertising.

Efforts Culminated in Hiring Joseph and Brian Traeger and Unlawfully Using Traeger Name and Likeness, Which Were Sold to Traeger Grills in 2006, to Promote Dansons Grills.

December 23, 2019


Traeger Grills today announced that it has settled its case against Joseph, Brian and Mark Traeger (the “Traeger Family Members”) and several claims against Dansons US, LLC (“Dansons”), the maker of Louisiana and Pit Boss grills, to require the Traeger Family Members and Dansons to be permanently enjoined from, among other things, using the Traeger Family Member names, likenesses and reputations, including the iconic Traeger Barn, to promote Dansons or other grills as if they were genuine Traegers. The settlement agreement fully resolves the lawsuit brought by Traeger Grills earlier this year against the Traeger Family Members in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida Tampa Division (the “Florida Lawsuit”) as well as certain claims in the lawsuit brought by Traeger Grills against Dansons in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.

The lawsuits alleged that the Traeger Family Members had colluded with Dansons US, LLC (“Dansons”), the maker of Louisiana and Pit Boss grills, to misappropriate the Traeger name and imagery. Among other things, the suit alleged that in 2019, Joe and Brian Traeger helped Dansons introduce a “FOUNDERS SERIES” of its Louisiana Grills in a clear violation of the Company’s agreement with Joe and Brian Traeger, and that Dansons had continued to use the likenesses of Joe and Brian, and the iconic Traeger Barn, to suggest falsely that Dansons’ grills are affiliated with, or endorsed by, Traeger Grills.

Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills, stated: “This is a significant step forward in the effort to protect our brand. As we said from the beginning, we respect the right of the Traeger family to earn a living, so long as they do not violate their contracts with us. The settlement agreement reached today provides strong protections against the future misuse of the Traeger name, barn or likenesses to confuse consumers or promote other grills as if they were genuine Traegers.”

Under the terms of the settlement, the Traeger Family Members and Dansons will be permanently enjoined from:

  1. “Using or publishing, or assisting or consenting to others in using or publishing, in any catalog, disclaimer, brochure, social media post, or other commercial advertisement, any pictures, images, text, or videos of the Traeger word trademark, the names of Joe, Brian, and Mark Traeger, images prominently displaying the whole barn silhouette of the Traeger Barn located in Mt. Angel, Oregon, images of Joe, Mark or Brian Traeger, or references to Joe Traeger as the founder or creator of the wood pellet grill, in connection with the advertising, marketing, or sale of wood pellet grills and associated products,” and;
  2. “Arranging any public appearance or appearing anywhere that communicates an endorsement by Joe Traeger, Mark Traeger, or Brian Traeger of Dansons' US LLC or any of its affiliates or brands.”

Andrus added:

We are pleased to put these aspects of the lawsuits behind us and will continue to press forward with our remaining claims against Dansons for misappropriating our trade secrets and copying virtually every aspect of our brand. We remain committed to protecting the Traeger brand, our investment, and the trust and loyalty of our community.

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