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BBQ Herb Crusted Ribs

BBQ Herb Crusted Ribs

By Traeger Kitchen

These pork ribs are sup"herb." St. Louis racks are generously seasoned with a blend of sage, rosemary, and thyme, then wrapped with a butter mixture for a savory twist on BBQ ribs.

Prep Time

30 Minutes

Cook Time

3 Hours




This recipe serves:


Units of Measurement:
Garlic Herb Mixture
1 bunch of fresh poultry mix herbs (sage, thyme, and rosemary)
6 garlic cloves
To Taste kosher salt
2 racks of St. Louis-style ribs
2 Tablespoon Olive oil
To Taste kosher salt
To Taste Freshly ground black pepper
8 Tablespoon (1 stick) unsalted butter, divided
1/2 Cup white grape juice, divided


  • 1

    Make the garlic-herb mixture: Pull the leaves of the herbs from the stems, then place the leaves on a cutting board with the garlic. Sprinkle with a little salt and chop the herbs and garlic together until a coarse paste forms.

  • 2

    Make the ribs: Use a paper towel to pull the membrane away from the bone side of the ribs. Rub the ribs with the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Rub the garlic-herb mixture over the ribs. Let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes, or wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

  • 3

    When ready to cook, set the Traeger temperature to 250℉ and preheat with the lid closed for 15 minutes. For optimal flavor, use Super Smoke, if available.

    250 ˚F / 121 ˚C

    Super Smoke

  • 4

    Insert the probe horizontally into the center of the meaty section of the ribs, avoiding the bone. Place the ribs directly on the grill grates, bone-side down. Close the lid and cook until the internal temperature reaches 160℉, 1 1/2-2 hours.

    250 ˚F / 121 ˚C

    160 ˚F / 71 ˚C


    Super Smoke

  • 5

    Prepare 2 sets of double-layered heavy-duty foil. Place 4 tablespoons of butter on each foil stack. Transfer the ribs to the foil on top of the butter, meat-side down. Place ribs meat-side down over the butter. Pour 1/4 cup of white grape juice over each rack, then seal the packets.

  • 6

    Return the wrapped ribs to the grill and re-insert the probe. Close the lid and continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 204-205℉, 1 1/2-2 hours more.

    250 ˚F / 121 ˚C

    205 ˚F / 96 ˚C


    Super Smoke

  • 7

    Remove the wrapped ribs from the grill and increase the temperature to 450℉. Preheat with the lid closed for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, open the foil packets let the ribs rest while the grill heats.

    450 ˚F / 232 ˚C


  • 8

    Return the ribs to the grill and sear for 5 minutes per side.

    450 ˚F / 232 ˚C


  • 9

    Remove the ribs from grill and slice between the bones into individual ribs before serving. Enjoy!

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