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Smoked Blackberry Popsicle with Mascarpone and Cookie Crunch

Smoked Blackberry Popsicle with Mascarpone and Cookie Crunch

By Traeger Kitchen

You won’t find these popsicles in the freezer section of your grocery store. Smoked blackberry puree meets a cool and creamy mascarpone mix before getting frozen and finished off with a dip in our fresh baked cookie crunch.

Prep Time

15 Minutes

Cook Time

25 Minutes




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Units of Measurement:
6 Ounce blackberries
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 lemon, juiced
Pinch Salt
8 Ounce Cheese, mascarpone
2 Tablespoon heavy cream
1/4 Teaspoon cardamom
1/2 Cup Nilla Wafers
1/4 Cup butter, melted
2 Tablespoon granulated sugar
1 Tablespoon nonfat dry milk powder


  • 1

    When ready to cook, set temperature to 180˚F and preheat, lid closed for 15 minutes. For optimal flavor, use Super Smoke if available.

  • 2

    Spread the blackberries out onto a perforated sheet tray and place directly on the grill grate. Smoke for 15-20 minutes.

    180 ˚F / 82 ˚C

    • 6 Ounce blackberries

  • 3

    Remove from the grill and let cool. Transfer to a blender pitcher and add the sugar, lemon juice and pinch of salt. Pulse a few times to break up the berries if you prefer it a little chunky or puree all the way and strain out the solids for a smooth texture. Set aside.

    • 1/2 Cup Sugar

    • 1  lemon, juiced

    • Pinch Salt

  • 4

    In a medium bowl whisk together mascarpone, cream, cardamom and salt.

    • 8 Ounce Cheese, mascarpone

    • 2 Tablespoon heavy cream

    • 1/4 Teaspoon cardamom

  • 5

    In a popsicle mold, scoop each mixture 1 tablespoon at a time until the mold is filled. Add the popsicle stick and transfer to the freezer. Freeze overnight.

  • 6

    For the cookie crunch: In the bowl of a food processor combine the wafers, butter sugar and milk powder. Pulse to make a coarse crumble. Spread the mixture out on a parchment lined baking sheet.

    • 1/2 Cup Nilla Wafers

    • 1/4 Cup butter, melted

    • 2 Tablespoon granulated sugar

    • 1 Tablespoon nonfat dry milk powder

  • 7

    Set temperature to 350℉.

  • 8

    Place the sheet tray directly on the grill grate and bake for 10-15 minutes. Let cool at room temperature then break up a bit with your fingers.

    350 ˚F / 177 ˚C

  • 9

    When the popsicles are frozen, remove from the molds and dip in the cookie crunch. Enjoy!

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