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When the first snowflakes begin to fall, the people of Martinsburg, West Virginia do either one of two things: quickly move their Traeger underneath a patio covering or shovel a path. Because snow or shine, the grilling must go on.

Orsini’s Appliances Sales and Service, which has been in business since 1948, is considered the authority in grilling—especially Traeger wood-fired grilling. Locals know that if you're looking for something Traeger, you'll find it in their store and probably find more than you originally came looking for. This specialty retailer features all the unique grilling, home, and appliance items you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

PJ Orsini, third generation owner and operator of Orsini’s Appliances in Martinsburg, West Virginia, grew up with grilling in his blood, although grills were never the focal point of the family appliance business. That all changed a few years ago when PJ attended a national trade show and saw his first Traeger in action. He was hooked immediately by the intoxicating smoky aroma. The business is now a platinum dealer of Traeger wood-fired grills with a colorful and vibrant display of Traeger front and center. Their newly renovated location was built to enhance the Traeger experience, complete with a separate pavilion for various activities such as cooking demonstrations.

Those who haven't made the pilgrimage from nearby Loudoun County, Baltimore or D.C. will be in for a delicious treat when they sample the goods at one of Orsini’s many outdoor cooking events. Because what sets Orsini’s apart is their emphasis on creating an experience, not just a transaction. When you purchase a Traeger from Orsini’s, you can expect a knowledgeable staff, a full stock of grills & accessories, and white glove delivery service, including delivery, set-up and start the burn off using a stock pile of pellets Osinis keeps just for this purpose. Not to mention the added bonus of monthly plated dinners for Traeger owners—just a little “Thank you for your purchase.”

In-store grilling days and involvement in local events is important to PJ and the Orsini’s corporate family. Participating in local chili cook-offs, fundraising events, and more is about bringing people in their community together and to allow Orsini’s to showcase what they have to offer.

This dedication to service and the surrounding community have created regular customers that come back regularly. When times have been tough, Orsini’s has seen their community turn to cooking as a way to find comfort. Backyard cooks are starting to forsake gas and charcoal to master the art of grilling with a wood-fueled fire. Outdoor cooking in West Virginia and the surrounding areas comes with unique opportunities, as well as some challenges. Until recently, an aspiring backyard chef had no choice but to utilize their kitchen oven in the winter. Now, the specialty Traeger offerings at Orsini’s (like PJ’s personal favorite the Timberline 1300) feature a double-walled stainless-steel interior to insulate and maintain heat for unbeatable temperature control even on the coldest of West Virginia days.

And while pellet grills are gaining prestige among professional grillers, Orsini’s is bringing the distinctive flavor and edge from the fragrant smoke to everyday cooks.


Ribs or Brisket? Brisket.

BBQ Baked Beans or Cole Slaw? Baked Beans.

Corn Bread or Biscuit? Corn Bread.

Flats or Drums? Flats.

Dry Rub or Saucy? Dry Rub.

Butcher Paper or Foil? Butcher Paper.

Low & Slow or Hot & Fast? Low & Slow.

Brisket Fat side up or fat side down? Down.

Beer or cocktail? Bourbon.

Ribs - to spritz or not to spritz? Spritz.

Sear at the Beginning or Sear at the End? End.

Tongs or Spatula? Tongs.

Favorite Traeger Grill? The 1300.

Favorite Traeger Rub? Pork & Poultry.

Favorite Traeger Sauce? Sugar Lip Siracha.

Favorite Traeger Accessory? Cleaning Scraper.

Favorite Traeger Pellet Flavor? Hickory.

Favorite thing to cook on your Traeger? Brisket is fun!

Do you use the Traeger APP? Yes - he has 3 grills on the porch.

Favorite Traeger Recipe? BBQ Tomahawk Steaks

Cooking icon? Diva Q is awesome - came out for a shop class 2 years ago - wealth of knowledge - keeps in touch - And Chad is great too.

Must have grilling item that everyone should own? A Thermapen MK 4. No matter how good you think your grilling is a thermometer will make it better.

Sweet or Savory? Sweet.

Summer foods or winter foods? Summer - burgers dogs.