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Shutdown Cycle

Regardless of your model, you should always shut down your grill using the grill's shutdown feature.

Why Is Proper Shutdown Important?

Following the correct shutdown process is especially important for grill maintenance and for your safety as improper shutdowns lead to backburn and grill fires. It can also lead to temperature fluctuations on the following cooks.

Backburn and Grill Fires

Backburn is when the pellets in the auger ignite and begin to burn. When you turn off the grill without using the shutdown feature, mechanical components like the auger stop functioning; meanwhile, the fire is still burning at full force in the firepot. This can lead to a warped auger, a jammed auger, and grill fires.

Improper shutdowns can also prevent the grill from burning out the build-up of pellets in the firepot at the end of your cook. The next time you start your grill, there may be too many pellets in the firepot, causing a grill fire.

How to Shut Down Your Grill

WiFIRE-Enabled Grill

If you have a WiFIRE-enabled grill, you have two options to initiate the shutdown cycle.

  1. Shut down the grill using your grill's controller.

    • If your controller has an illuminated standby button, press it for 3 seconds, and the grill will enter the shutdown cycle.
    • If your controller does not have a standby button, but rather you turn on your controller by pressing the selection knob, press the knob for 3 seconds and the grill will then enter the shutdown cycle.
  2. Shut down the grill using the Traeger App.

    1. Tap the grill banner on the bottom of the app page.
    2. Tap the Shutdown button
    3. Drag the fire button down to confirm grill shutdown.

The shutdown cycle on WiFIRE-enabled grills will last between 15 and 25 minutes depending on the grill's temperature at shutdown. Once the shutdown cycle is complete, the grill will deliver a small number of pellets into the firepot to aid with future cooks.

Non-WiFIRE Enabled Grill

Following a proper shutdown cycle on a non-WiFIRE grill is easy.

  • If your controller has a temperature knob, turn the knob to Shut Down Cycle.
  • If your controller has buttons, hold the middle button for 2 to 3 seconds.

Auger Feeding Pellets During Shutdown

If you have a WiFIRE-enabled grill, it is normal for the auger to continue to feed pellets during the shutdown cycle as it helps prevent backburn.

Non-WiFIRE enabled grills should not continue to feed pellets during the shutdown cycle. If you The most common reason for this is swapped wires.

In order to resolve the problem, make sure the fan and the motor wires are not swapped. This will cause the fan to stop working during shutdown and the motor will continue to feed pellets. To fix it, let's check if the wires are swapped.

  1. Unscrew and remove controller from the grill.
  2. Check if the wire colors match on both sides of the Molex connector.
    • Red to red/white, orange to orange/white
    • The purple wire will connect with two cream wires.
  3. If the wire colors don't match, disconnect them and swap them to the correct connector.

Correct Wire Connections