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WiFIRE Pairing Troubleshooting

While the pairing process between your mobile device and your grill is set up to be easy and seamless, there are occasions when you may come across an obstacle that would require some troubleshooting. Let's run through some of these common troubleshooting steps to get you back to meal time.

Firmware & App Versions

The first step when having trouble pairing your grill to your app is to check the grill's firmware version and your app version.

  • To check the firmware, navigate on your controller to Menu > Settings > About Grill, and make note of the Software Version.
  • To check your app version, open the app on your iPhone > click the user icon in the top left corner > scroll down to ABOUT > see current version.

Once you make note of the firmware and app versions, see if they match the current versions. If your firmware version is out of date, please contact Customer Service.

Home WiFi Setup

It's important to make sure that your home WiFi is set up properly when trying to connect any smart device, whether that be a TV, any home automation system or, in this case, your Traeger. Please see Home WiFi Setup for full details.

Login Credentials

Correct Login Credentials

Network login info is easy to mistype on a phone. Make sure you have your network name and password entered exactly.

If you still can't log in, use the Forgot Password function on the app or the Forgot Password form on the website.

Password Requirements

Password Requirements and Resets

Make sure your password has the following requirements:

  • 1 special character (!@#$%^&*)
  • 1 capital letter
  • 1 number
  • Minimum length of 8 characters

Grill Location

What is the distance between grill and router?

The grill should be as close as possible, but within 30 ft/10 m is considered acceptable.

Is the grill facing the WiFi network router?

The controller should face the router for best signal reception. If you have a Timberline make sure that the antenna is installed under the hopper.

How many walls or other obstacles could be interfering with the WiFi signal?

Masonry and steel building materials will reduce signal strength considerably, as will a router located in a basement or behind pipes/wires.

If there is no way to move the router closer to the grill, consider investing in a network booster or extender.

QR Code

Are you using the QR code under the hopper lid? If the controller has been changed and the customer is trying to use the QR code sticker originally installed on the hopper, the app will look for the wrong UUID/controller information.

Try the Pair Manually option instead of using the QR Code option.