Help Is Here For Ordering Industrial Fitting Supplies

One of the first things anyone notices when calling into talk to our staff is that we are passionate about making sure you get the right industrial fittings supplies for your needs. This includes if you are one of our existing customers or if you are someone just trying out our products and services for the fist time.
We understand industrial supply and have been distributing fittings, pipes, valves and other construction, waterworks and network and telecom supplies for years. What started out as small business shipping parts to Cuba has now become a truly global enterprise, allowing us to provide parts and components to companies in North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia and throughout the Caribbean.
Quality Materials
At Traeger Brothers and Associates our products are carefully selected from the top manufacturers around the world. With our large scale of global offices and distribution, we can buy and sell in large volume, which provides us with a very positive working relationship with our suppliers.
We carefully evaluate all products before they become one of our staples. Even with special orders, we take the time to find the industrial fittings supplies that offer the highest quality of part as well as the most reasonable price.
Wide Range of Industries
You will find we are one of the few industrial fittings supplies that can provide the parts and materials needed across a full spectrum of industries. We are the suppliers to distilleries, refineries, power plants, processing and manufacturing operations, construction projects both residential and commercial as well as into the telecom and networking sector.
Just let us know what you need, and we can help ensure you get the parts that are the right match for your job. We can even arrange for full shipment and logistics, providing delivery when and as needed to match your specific schedule.

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