Turning To The Quality Of Kitz Valves

One of the advantages our customers quickly come to recognize in working with our team at Traeger Brothers and Associates is the ability to choose from different manufacturers for all the industrial products and materials we offer.

When it comes to choosing industrial valves, many of our customers find that Kitz valves offer the features and the durability they require for their applications. The company offers both general and specialized valves including two-way and multi-port ball valves.

Kitz valves exemplifies a company that is focused on the needs of their customers. They are always striving to add features to their standard line of valves which are seen as critical in new systems and new applications.

Continual Product Improvement

The result of this constant upgrading or modification to the various models of Kitz valves is a very user-friendly product. Often some of the custom features ordered add value to the valve which creates an advantage across all industries and applications.

Unlike some companies that have a standard line of valves that are going to remain the same design and with the same features, the continual improvement to the Kitz line often provides cutting edge features and options that add to ease of installation, long life cycles and lower maintenance requirements.

Multiple Applications

While many of the valves made by Kitz are ideal for an application, most are multi-purpose or general use types of valves. This can make choosing a valve that offers the features and functions required for a specific application a bit more of a challenge.

For assistance in choosing the right valve and to ensure the correct size, temperature and pressure range for the job, give our Traeger Brothers and Associates staff a call at 305-371-5551.

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