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Coulotte Steak


The coulotte steak and coulotte roast are from a single muscle that sits atop the sirloin primal. While it is very lean, the steak usually comes with a thin fat cap which makes for a flavorful bite when cooked properly and sliced across the grain.

Other Common Names

  • Sirloin Strip
  • Sirloin Top Butt Cap
  • Top Sirloin Cap Steak

Primal Cut

  • Sirloin Primal

Coulotte Steak Cooking Methods and Tips

Typical Cooking Methods

  • Grilling
  • Broiling
  • Reverse Sear

General Cooking Recommendations

The coulotte steak benefits from high heat which will sear the exterior and slightly melt the fat cap. The fat cap will help insulate the interior of the meat, letting you get an excellent sear without overcooking the meat. Aim for an internal temperature of approximately 135 degrees Fahrenheit for medium-rare.

Slice against the grain for the most tender meat. You can do this either ahead of cooking, to make skewers or small strips, or after.

How to Cook Coulotte Steak on Your Traeger

The coulotte, known as picanha in Brazil, can be skewered, salted, and grilled for a Brazilian steakhouse experience at home.

Or simply cook the steak using your favorite method: direct grilling or smoking, then searing.

Coulotte Steak Internal Temperatures

  • For rare, aim for 120-130 °F internally.
  • For medium-rare, aim for 130-135 °F internally.
  • For medium, aim for 135-145 °F internally.
  • For medium-well, aim for 145-155 °F internally.
  • For well-done, aim for 155-165 °F internally.

Coulotte Steak FAQs

Is Coulotte Steak a Good Cut?

Coulotte steak is an overlooked cut that is excellent for direct grilling — especially for those who like lean steak. If you prefer extremely tender steak, a more expensive cut like strip or ribeye may be more appealing.

How Much Does Coulotte Steak Cost?

Expect to pay between $6 to $12 for coulotte steak. At the supermarket, coulotte steak may be sold as part of a larger top sirloin steak or top sirloin roast.

How Do You Know When Coulotte Steak Is Done?

Coulotte steak is done when the exterior of the meat is seared and the interior has reached medium-rare at an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Is a Coulotte Steak Best For?

A coulotte steak is best for high temperature cooking techniques like grilling, broiling, or reverse sear.

Is Coulotte Steak Tender?

A high-quality coulotte steak, with lots of intramuscular fat, will be quite tender. Lower quality cuts have less fat, are much leaner, and may not be particularly tender.

Can Coulotte Steak Be Cooked From Frozen?

Yes, you can cook it from frozen. Use high, direct heat.

Interesting Facts About Coulotte Steak

In Brazil, where the cut is known as the picanha, it's actually one of the most prized cuts on the entire animal. In a Brazilian steakhouse, or churrascaria, the cut is grilled over charcoal on a large skewer, then sliced directly onto a diner's plate.

In the United States, the coulotte steak is usually sold as part of a sirloin steak. The typical sirloin steak sold in supermarkets contains both the coulotte (or cap) and the center of the top sirloin.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association identifies the coulotte with UPC number 1421. You may see this number in the UPC code on the beef package label at the supermarket.

Coulotte Steak Nutritional Facts

According to the USDA, one coulotte steak contains 390 calories, 41.9 grams of protein, and 24.2 grams of fat.

Coulotte Steak Recipes

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Coulotte Steak Photos