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Matt Segal

Professional Climber


Matt Segal is among those dedicated early risers who tackle adventures of the day before the sun is up. It’s part of his job as a professional climber and National Geographic Explorer. But, Matt champions the idea that you don’t have to eat typical freeze-dried meals when you’re camping—that’s why he founded Alpine Start Foods and, from there, his YouTube series, “Never Skip Dinner.” At 4 a.m. at the base of any given mountain, you can find Matt heating up a cup of Alpine Start coffee, gearing up to start his day.

 Matt Segal’s Flavorful Life

According to Matt Segal, climbing and cooking are two of the most fulfilling things in his life. As a pro athlete, Matt is always looking for ways to eat well in the wild, and that’s while he founded Alpine Start Foods—to help fuel other adventurers on the go. For Matt, rock climbing and cooking on his Traeger have both led him to a more flavorful life.


Interview with Matt Segal

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Matt's favorite Traeger Recipes

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