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Why Do I Want a Traeger Flatrock?

You don’t know that you need a flat top grill until you get one - and then you will wonder how you ever lived without it. With its large, flat cooking surface, a conventional flat top is a secret weapon of professional chefs offering up superior sizzle and deep flavor. A flat top grill lets you take it all outside to have a blast while cooking up foods you'd never dream of cooking on a grill. Think pancakes, eggs, stir-fry, quesadillas, and more. Yet a flat top also cooks up BBQ favorites like steak, sausage, skewers, and hot dogs (and, of course, smashed burgers). Traeger's Flatrock™ Flat Top Grill does all this but better than the rest.


What Sets the Traeger Flatrock Apart

Because the fat does not drip away and onto the flames, a flat top creates amazing flavor without the risk of flareups. A flat top also makes cooking for a crowd simple, from batches of burgers to a big breakfast featuring pancakes, bacon, and eggs—all cooked at the same time.

So what makes the Flatrock so special?

  1. Multiple heat settings give you total control allowing you to cook different foods at once.
  2. The Triple U-burner design delivers consistent heat distribution across the entire grill surface.
  3. A light-up fuel gauge lets you know how much gas is in the tank.
  4. Air draft and heat protection encourage better propane efficiency.
  5. Endless customization options for accessories, tools, and more.
  • Even cooking everywhere. The Flatrock's three separate cooking zones each have a U-burner for double the direct flame coverage of a straight burner. The burners deliver heat consistently over the entire surface so you can use every square inch with virtually no hot or cold spots on the entire cooktop. In addition, TruZone™ total temperature control lets you set each zone to different heat levels. At the same time, the cooktop's Heatshield Insulation truly separates each of those cooking zones, keeping their temperatures fully independent. What does this mean in terms of food and cooking? You can sear a skirt steak for fajitas on one high-heat zone while sauteing peppers and onion on a medium zone, and toasting tortillas on low.
  • At-a-glance light-up fuel gauge keeps you in the know. Running out of gas mid-cook is inconvenient at best. With the easy-to-read fuel tank gauge on the front of the grill, you will never run out of fuel unexpectedly.

  • The Flatrock lets you ignore the wind. Unlike other flat tops, where a single burst of cold air can slow down cooking, the Flatrock's FlameLock™ Construction, which includes a recessed cooking surface, keeps the drafts out and the heat in. FlameLock™ ensures heat can’t escape from the sides and the wind won’t come into the cooking cavity so foods cook faster and more efficiently. This not only means you are not wasting propane but also that your steak will always have superior sizzle and a deeper flavor.

  • The Flatrock allows for endless customization. The P.A.L. Pop-and-Lock™ Accessory Rail allows you to arrange tool hooks, storage bins, roll racks, and more in a way that suits your cooking style.

How is the Traeger Flat Top Grill Different from a Traeger Pellet Grill?

Unlike our pellet grills, which burn wood pellets for a wood-fired flavor and cooks with convection, the Flatrock fire comes from gas. That means you get great seared flavor without the smoke. The Flatrock, which heats fast and cooks with the lid open, is also best for quicker cooking foods, like steaks and chicken breast. Save the ribs and brisket for your pellet grill. And while you don’t have to worry about food falling through a grill grate, you won’t get grill marks from a flat top. Instead, you get an even and gorgeous sear that gives meat an incredible savory flavor.

Because they each offer different advantages, it's best to own both the Flatrock and a Traeger Pellet Grill! In fact, our Smoke & Sizzle recipes use the best of both appliances: foods get cooked low and slow on the pellet grill to tender, wood-fired perfection then get finished on the Flatrock for a deliciously browned and savory crust.

Griddle Accessories that Make Cooking Easy

The Flatrock has accessories made specifically for it. The Grill Essentials Kit comes with spatulas, scrapers, and squeeze bottle making oiling, flipping, and cleaning easy as can be. And your smashed burgers will be the talk of the town when made with the Ultimate Smashed Burger Kit. The weighted grill press that comes as part of the kit not only smashes burgers, but also gives steak a beautiful sear and helps bacon crisp. And if you want cheese on that burger, just grab the steam dome. Yum!


What Can I Cook on a Flat Top Grill?

With a cook surface made of carbon steel, the Flatrock combines the heat retention of your favorite cast-iron pan with the quick heating and heat control of stainless steel. And you get to cook on it outside!

Here is a list of some of our favorite foods to cook on the Flatrock.

Pancakes: Think of your flat top as a gigantic griddle and naturally pancakes come to mind. Use your favorite batter (or try these extra fluffy buttermilk ones) and cook them over medium heat. Pro tip: Warm up your maple syrup in a small saucepan right on the cooktop.

Bacon—and more bacon. What’s the right amount of bacon to make for breakfast? ALL of it! And with such a large cooktop, you can. Pro tip: Leave the bacon grease behind and use it to fry up some eggs.

Fajitas: With three different cook zones, it’s as if the Flatrock was designed with fajitas in mind. Sear your steak in one zone cook you veg in another, and toast you tortillas in the third. These chicken fajitas make great use of our new Spicy Fajita Rub while steak fajitas are always a classic.

Smashed burgers: The ample griddle space lets you cook a bunch of burgers at once. Simply roll your ground beef into a ball, then use a spatula to smash it thinly. Pro tip: Place a piece of parchment on the burger before smashing to keep the meat from sticking to the spatula. Looking for inspiration? Try this amazing version from Tim Hollingsworth or this scrumptious smashed cheeseburger, which gets extra flavor from our new Burger Rub.

Scallops and shrimp: Quick cooking seafood like shrimp (so good in these tacos!) and scallops are perfect for cooking on the flat top. Prop tip: For the best sear, pat the seafood dry before putting it on the hot cooktop.

Steak, chops, and chicken breast: Whether beef, or tuna or swordfish, steak, with its even thickness is perfectly made for flat top cooking. The same is true for chops, like lamb or pork, and boneless chicken thighs or breast.

Vegetables: The beauty of the flat top if that you can saute all your vegetable side dishes right alongside the main dish as well as on their own. This take on esquites takes corn to a whole new level.

And so much more: Fried rice, stir-fry, and crab cakes, but also popcorn and more can all be cooked on the Flatrock. Dive Q even made a cake!


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