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Traeger x Meat Church Limited Edition Pellets

Matt Pittman, founder of Meat Church BBQ, split his childhood between pork-preaching Alabama and beef-worshipping Texas, and this blend reflects that. It combines the Hickory used for cooking hog in the Deep South with the Oak preferred by Texas pitmasters. The result is bold, assertive smoke flavor that makes every dish praise-worthy.

Meet Matt Pittman

If you want to hear the gospel of Texas BBQ, Matt Pittman is the man you want to talk to. Known for his Meat Church line of rubs and other BBQ products, Matt found his calling when he took his first bite of Central Texas salt-&-pepper bark brisket and saw the light. When he isn’t spreading the good word of smoked meat through his Meat Church BBQ classes, you can find him spending time with his wife & children or defending his throne as king of the Dallas Cowboys tailgate scene.

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