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Get your taste buds buzzin’. Whether you’re dunking wings, brushing on ribs, or drizzling on breakfast, our all-new hot sauces turn up the flavor on your favorite wood-fired foods. From devilishly spicy to peppery and bright, these hot sauces are guaranteed to take your BBQ to the next level.

 Traeger Carolina Reaper & Garlic Hot Sauce

Devilishly hot Carolina Reaper peppers are blended with garlic for a bold, super-spicy flavor that takes your tastebuds on a fiery ride. Try it on anything from chicken sandwiches to wings—if you dare.

 Traeger Jalapeño & Lime Hot Sauce

Featuring tart lime combined with peppery jalapeños, this hot sauce adds a bright dose of flavor to your food with just the right amount of heat. Try it on everything from fish tacos to breakfast scrambles.

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