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Since you can't go out to cooking classes right now, we're bringing them to you. Welcome to Traeger Kitchen Live, where we bring weekly cooking classes to the comfort of your own home. Join your favorite chefs and pitmasters as they welcome you into their kitchens and teach you how to Traeger everything from BBQ brisket to baked goods. They'll share tips & tricks, take questions from you live on air, and inspire you to keep Traegering on.

Looking for something a little more personal? Check out Shop Class: Private Table, an interactive, small group experience where you prep and cook along with your instructor from the comfort of your kitchen.

new-school taco hybrid

On our next Traeger Kitchen Live, Chef Eduardo Garcia is showing off a new-school taco hybrid that combines two of Mexico’s most iconic pork preparations: cochinita pibil and carnitas. He’ll walk you through his “Cochinitas” recipe along with grilled honey-glazed pineapple, and a Traeger Tiki cocktail from start to finish, so you can grill up this mouthwatering meal for a Halloween get-together or weekend feast. Tune in Thursday, 10/21, at 6pm ET on our Facebook page and YouTube channel to watch it all live.

Braised Cochinitas
Grilled Honey Glazed Pineapple
Traeger Tiki Cocktail