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10 Best Chili Recipes Made on the Traeger


Get ready to elevate your chili game to smoky perfection with Traeger’s 10 favorite chili recipes to keep you warm during the cold months. From unique takes on classic beef chili recipes, to mouthwatering lean alternatives like chicken chili, get ready to harness the power of our hardwood pellet grills to infuse every bowl with that unmistakable wood-fired flavor you crave. Savor the season with the best chili you’ve ever tasted.

Over the Top Chili


Introducing Traeger’s twist on this online trend. Rather than add the ground beef directly to the pot, cook the meatball (seasoned with our spicy Fajita Rub) on a rack above a pot of chili for that perfect smoky infusion. As it sizzles, the flavorful fat drips down into the beans and tomatoes below. Of course, no pot of chili is complete without tasty sides and toppings.

Classic Beef Chili


Test out this unique take on the classic beef chili recipes. Chorizo and ground beef unite to craft an unforgettable flavor. Traeger’s recipe blends this savory duo with ranch-style beans, vegetables, and spices all combined in a Dutch oven. Once the dish has simmered, transfer it to a Traeger grill for a rich infusion of wood-fired flavor.

Easy White Chicken Chili


When the chili craving hits hard but you’re short on time, go for a speedy yet satisfying option with our white chicken chili. Combine white beans, delicious shredded chicken, and diced fire-roasted green chiles for a delectable yet light taste. Add charred corn, cotija cheese, and Traeger Original Hot Sauce for added flavor.

Smoked Pork Chili Verde


If you’re looking for chili recipes that combine south-of-the-border comfort with a rich wood-fired flavor, consider this green chili from Chef Bennie Kendrick. Place your seasoned pork shoulder directly on the grill grate and smoke for 1 hour; for optimal flavor use Super Smoke if available. Once it’s reached an internal temperature of 160℉, combine with the rest of the ingredients and serve over rice with corn or flour tortillas.

Smoked Chili Con Carne


You can’t go wrong with a classic chili recipe. To make it Traeger style, add dark beer or strongly brewed coffee and dark chocolate, and smoke it on the grill for an hour at the end to infuse it with a mouthwatering smoky flavor.

Braised 5 Alarm Chili


Looking for a chili that packs a bold punch? This hearty beef chili features three kinds of chiles and simmers in beer. By slow braising this dish over Traeger’s hickory pellets, at 325F for three hours, you’ll experience a flavor the size of Texas.

Smoked Venison Chili


Experience the wild, bold flavors of the great outdoors with our venison chili recipe from Chef Eva Shockey. Made with succulent venison and slow-cooked to perfection on your Traeger Grill, it’s a hearty campfire-inspired dish that’ll satisfy any craving.

Braised Texas Red Chili


Make a chili recipe that ignites your taste buds and invokes some traditional Texas flavors. Take succulent chunks of beef and simmer them to perfection with that unmistakable wood-fired essence to create a delectable beef chili. Serve with flour or corn tortillas to add another layer to these rich flavors.

Braised Cincinnati Chili


Who says you can’t serve chili with spaghetti? Discover a tantalizing twist on chili in this Cincinnati-based recipe. This iconic dish combines ground beef with a rich blend of aromatic spices, simmered to perfection and served atop a bed of spaghetti. Top this wood-fired dish with shredded cheese and onions to optimize the flavor.

Short Rib Chili


This dish is more than just a chili recipe. It’s a blend of aromatic spices and premium ingredients that takes comfort food to a new level with richly flavored short ribs, slow cooked to perfection, as the star of the show. For optimum flavor, consider using Super Smoke.

Recipes Featuring Chili

Bacon Chili Cheese Dogs

Take the beloved classic hot dog and elevate it to flavorful perfection on your Traeger grill by wrapping it in bacon, smothering it in homemade chili, and topping it all off with melted cheese. Who said hot dogs were only for the baseball stands?

BBQ Chili Burger

Boost your burger game with our chili burger recipe. It's a bold and flavorful twist on a classic favorite, where juicy patties meet a hearty chili topping that's been slow cooked to perfection on your Traeger grill. While the wood-fired flavor adds depth to every bite, the melted cheese and fresh garnishes take it to the next level of deliciousness.

Smoked Chili Brisket Nachos

Get your movie snacks ready with our smoked chili brisket nachos recipe. We've taken tender, wood-fired brisket and turned it into a mouthwatering topping for a mountain of nachos that's big on flavor. Loaded with melted cheese, fresh ingredients, and a smoky kick, it's a dish that's perfect for sharing or savoring on your own.

Grilled Chili Cheese Jalapeño Dogs

Get ready for a fiery flavor explosion with our Texas Chili Cheese Jalapeño Dog recipe. It's a wild and bold ride of wood-fired goodness where jalapeño-infused chili meets melty cheese, all cradled within the embrace of a perfectly grilled hot dog. This creation captures the essence of Texas cuisine with a smoky twist, bringing together bold flavors and wood-fired authenticity.

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Top Chili Recipes

Whether you're a fan of light chicken flavors or bold Texas ones, explore Traeger's top 5 most popular chili recipes.