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Traeger's Best Holiday Ham Recipes

Our Best Holiday Ham Recipes

They're So Delicious That You'll Find A Reason This Season To Traeger Them All.

Rather than waxing poetic about pork, feast your eyes on these 8 delicious Traegered holiday ham recipes.

1. Honey Glazed Ham

This year, make your Christmas dinner merry and delicious. There’s no reason to wait in line at the ham shop when you can glaze and smoke one over sweet hardwood pellets right in your backyard. This traditional Christmas ham recipe is spiked with cloves and smothered in Cherry Wood Smoked Honey.It will be your family’s new favorite pork dish.

2. Roasted Ham with Apricot Sauce

If you like to keep cooking simple on Christmas day, roast this 3-ingredient spiral ham. The sweet apricot glaze caramelizes and seals the juices inside as it cooks, nearly turning this simple holiday ham recipe into meat candy. Even kids on the naughty list will devour this delicious wood-fired ham.

3. Orange & Maple Baked Ham

Every year Great Aunt Joan doles out the spicy fruitcake. This year, chase your obligatory slice with a heaping helping of this sweet citrus baked ham. The moist and delicious wood-fired ham has robust maple, orange, and smoky notes that will overrule any remaining candied fruit tastes.

4. Apple Cider Glazed Holiday Ham

This glazed holiday ham tastes festive and flavorful. Infusing it with cider makes it turn out light and toasty. So Traeger-bake homemade rolls then fill them with slices of ham and a swatch of mustard for the most delicious ham sandwiches. After an action packed morning of unwrapping presents, the kids will be eager to get their hands on lunch.

5. Maple Baked Ham

Our roasted ham recipe is scored so that the sweet and spicy maple glaze will penetrate through every layer of the pork. Let this holiday baked ham roast over maple hardwood while you round up all the wrapping paper and bows. You’ll have to fend off the taste-testers as it rests—this Christmas maple ham is a real crowd pleaser.

6. Holiday Ham with Mustard Sauce

If your holiday dinner guests are of the BBQ-loving sort, smoke this savory ham recipe and serve it buffet style. The spicy Bourbon mustard glaze is intermittently spritzed over the whole ham as it Traegers infusing a robust flavor. So gather your friends and family and reminisce about Christmases past while this holiday hog smokes low and slow.

7. Apricot Glazed Ham

This holiday hog is sauced with brandy and smothered in apricot preserves. The sweet and savory flavors meld together and create a delicious crust. If you’re brother-in–law hollers, “Ham me down another ham samich” from the other end of the Christmas dinner table, you’ll know he’s been sipping off the glaze.

8. Apple & Bourbon Glazed Ham

Wood-fired ham encrusted in spicy Bourbon and apple juice will make that holiday party memorable. As this smoke-roasted ham cooks, you’ll have time to enhance your ugly Christmas sweater. When you walk into the festivities in your epic sweater with a delicious drunken ham, you’re sure to secure your title as the best pit master on the block.

Smoked Ham

Smoked ham is one of the more savory ways to enjoy pork. You can buy it in the store, but taking the time to learn how to smoke it at home yields better flavor and quality. Follow these tips for perfect smoking results.

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