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10 Best Traeger Holiday Ham Recipes

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Ignite your festivities with the best Traeger holiday ham recipes, tailor-made for memorable moments like Thanksgiving, the holiday season, Easter, or any special occasion (ham is always a hit no matter the holiday). From succulent honey-glazed ham to ham infused with the tangy flavor of pineapple, smoked ham is always the perfect option for your holiday feast.

Honey Glazed Ham


This year, make your holiday dinner merry and delicious. There’s no reason to wait in line at the ham shop when you can glaze and smoke one over sweet hardwood pellets right in your backyard. This traditional Christmas ham recipe is spiked with cloves and smothered in a delicious combination of dark corn syrup and honey for a sweet and salty taste.

Maple Baked Ham


For a classic taste with a wood-fired kick, try a maple baked ham for your next feast. Glazed with a perfect blend of maple syrup, brown sugar, and Dijon mustard, and then slow-cooked on your Traeger, it emerges tender, juicy, and infused with smoky goodness.

Honey & Brown Sugar Glazed Ham


Is there anything as classic as a brown sugar glazed ham? Cooked with chicken broth, apple juice, and bay leaves this delicious Traeger holiday ham is worth the wait. After 3-4 hours of roasting, you will add oranges and Traeger's Honey & Brown Sugar Glaze for additional zest and sweetness. To carry the orange through, make sure to garnish with leftover orange slices.

Old-Fashioned Glazed Ham


For a nostalgic flavor that will bring you back to your grandmother's dining room table, make Traeger's old-fashioned glazed ham complete with sweet pineapple juice and maraschino cherries. The difference between this recipe compared to your grandma's? Smoking it over premium hickory pellets.

To learn how to make your own homemade glaze here.

Fresh Ham with Mustard Sauce


An elite pairing in the culinary world is ham and mustard (especially if they are both homemade). Try this recipe out by buying a fresh ham and learn the difference between fresh and double-smoked , curing it yourself, and then making a delicious mustard sauce to serve with it. We guarantee the extra effort is 100% worth it.

Cider Glazed Holiday Ham

For another dose of flavor perfection try Traeger's holiday ham with apple cider glaze recipe. This succulent ham is glazed with a blend of apple cider, brown sugar, and spices, then slow-cooked on your Traeger grill for a sweet and savory delight.

Traeger Easter Ham


Because of its easy preparation, delicious flavor, and ability to serve large groups, ham has become a go-to choice for gatherings and celebrations. This Easter Ham recipe is the perfect go-to for your next holiday gathering and couldn't be easier.

Simply reheat a smoked ham on the Traeger to give it additional wood-fired flavor and baste it with a simple but sensational glaze made with pineapple juice, brown sugar, and Traeger Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce.

Apple & Bourbon Glazed Ham


While you're probably sick of seeing ham paired with apple, this delicious Traeger holiday ham recipe has a bit of a twist: rich and smoky bourbon. Combine apple juice, mustard, bourbon, lemon juice, and cloves, and brush the ham with the glaze for the last 30 minutes of your cook to ensure the glaze doesn't burn.

Roasted Ham with Apricot Sauce


Another delicious Traeger holiday ham recipe that features a fruity infusion is this roasted ham with apricot sauce. This sweet and salty ham will be the perfect main for your Easter luncheon with its glaze of Traeger Apricot BBQ Sauce, horseradish, and Dijon mustard.

Bacon Weave Ham


A Traeger recipe list wouldn't be complete without a bacon dish. Feast your eyes on this untraditional bacon weave ham for your next get-together. Before you add your glaze of pineapple juice, ginger beer, brown sugar, and mustard, you'll need to make an intricate bacon weave.

On parchment paper, lay half the bacon in parallel strips next to each other. Weave the remaining strips perpendicular, alternating over and under by lifting every other strip of bacon. Then you'll transfer the bacon weave onto the top of the ham so it's infused with an extra bacon kick as your pork creation cooks.

From traditional hams with brown sugar to unique hams with bacon, make sure to pig out during your next holiday feast with a Traeger holiday ham.

Easter Ham

by Traeger Kitchen

Prep Time

10 Min

Cook Time

1 Hr
30 Min





Celebrate Easter in style with a mouthwatering main that could not be easier to make. Simply reheat a smoked ham on the Traeger to give it additional wood-fired flavor and baste it with a simple but sensational glaze made with pineapple juice, brown sugar, and Traeger Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce to make the perfect Easter ham.

1 (6-7 lb) bone-in ham
2 Cupbrown sugar
1 CupTraeger Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce
1/2 Cuppineapple juice
  • 1

    Preheat the Traeger with the lid closed to 225°F; this will take about 15 minutes. For more smoke flavor, use Super Smoke, if available.

  • 2

    Insert a leave-in thermometer into the center of the ham, avoiding the bone. Place the ham cut-side down directly on the grill grates. Close the lid and cook for 90 minutes.

  • 3

    Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, mix together the brown sugar, Traeger Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce, and pineapple juice.

  • 4

    Continue cooking, brushing the ham with the glaze every 10 or 15 minutes or, until the internal temperature of the ham is 140°F. The total cook time will vary depending on your ham your grill, and the temperature outside.

  • 5

    Remove the ham from grill. Slice and serve. Enjoy!

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