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17 Party Dips Perfect For Game Day

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Get ready to elevate your game day experience with the ultimate lineup of party dips that are sure to score big with your crew. From easy-to-make appetizers to irresistibly cheesy concoctions, these party dips will have everyone diving into the action. Plus, we've got some healthy twists to keep you fueled up for the entire game. Get ready to dip, devour, and dominate your game day spread.

Best Classic Party Dips

Classic party dips bring timeless flavors and nostalgic vibes to any gathering, making them a must-have for every occasion.

Buffalo Chicken Dip


Indulge in the ultimate game day indulgence with this mouthwatering buffalo chicken dip recipe. Packed with bold flavors and a spicy kick, this creamy dip is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Make sure to add crumbled bacon for an added savory kick before serving.

Learn how to make this cheesy dip by reading all about it here.

Ultimate Game Day Dip


Game day isn’t complete without this ultimate dip featuring cream cheese, bacon, jalapeños and more delicious ingredients. This irresistible dip is loaded with savory flavors and will be the MVP of your gathering. Serve with chips, crostini, or veggies for dipping and enjoy.

Cowboy Caviar


Saddle up for the ultimate showdown of flavor with where corn meets onions, jalapeño, and wood-fired flavor for a delicious snack that is sure to be a hit with everyone at the table.

Smoked Guacamole


Bursting with vibrant colors and zesty notes, this homemade dip is a surefire crowd-pleaser that will have your guests coming back for more. Perfect for dipping, scooping, or spreading, this guacamole is the ultimate addition to your lineup of irresistible party dips.

Best Cheesy Party Dips

Cheese (and lots of it) is a must-have on game day and in your party dips spread. Whether you’re looking for something hearty, spicy, or comforting, explore our selection of recipes that will have your mouth watering.

Baked Queso Blanco Dip


First up, turn up the heat at your next gathering with a creamy and spicy queso blanco. This isn’t your ordinary restaurant queso though. With green chiles, Traeger Chicken Rub, and fresh cherry tomatoes, this wood-fired dip will have your guests begging you for the recipe.

Chili Con Queso


The queso party dips don’t end there though – for another flavorful dip that is also infused with chili peppers, try out this chili con queso recipe. The wood-fired secret? Hot pork sausage and Traeger Coffee Rub mixed in with the rich dip.

Baked Pretzel Bites & Beer Cheese Dip


Nothing goes together like soft pretzels and rich beer sauce. These golden soft pretzel bites paired with a rich, creamy beer cheese dip are the ultimate crowd-please for your gathering. Whether you're cheering on your favorite team or simply craving a savory treat, this irresistible combination is guaranteed to satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

Traeger’s Cheese Roasted Garlic Dip


Infused with the robust flavor of roasted garlic, this creamy dip is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite snacks. Whether you’re dipping chips, veggies, or spreading it on a crusty bread, this blend of cheeses and garlics will give your taste buds a flavor touchdown.

International Flavors

Delicious party dips are a world-wide appetizer. Explore a world of flavor with our internationally inspired dips, bringing culinary delights from around the globe to your game day coffee table.

Baked Chorizo Cheese Dip

Baked Chorizo Cheese Dip_RE_HE_M

Made in a cast-iron deep dish, this sizzling dip features spicy chorizo, tomatoes, cilantro , and onions stirred into a creamy beer cheese blend and baked over Traeger Apple Pellets for a wood-fired flavor.

For extra spice, add serrano chiles to your mix.

Artichoke & Spinach Dip


Indulge in a taste of Greece with Traeger's Greek-inspired Artichoke Spinach Dip recipe. This creamy and flavorful dip combines the richness of artichokes and the freshness of spinach, capturing the essence of Mediterranean cuisine.

Smoked Romesco

20181115_Grilled-Baby-Carrots-with-Fennel-and Hazelnut-Romesco_RE_HE_M

Combining almonds, fire-roasted peppers, and fresh herbs, this vibrant adds a punch of bold flavor to your party lineup. Perfect for dipping, spreading, or drizzling over your game day bites.

Eggplant Hummus Grilled Flatbread


Combining smoky flavors with the robust essence of eggplant and creamy hummus, this hearty dip is perfect for fueling up before the big game. To make this dip stand out, make sure to serve it with homemade pita bread grilled right on the Traeger.

Roasted Tomato Salsa


Get ready to fire up your taste buds with this roasted tomato salsa recipe. Packed with bold, wood-fired flavors and the perfect kick of spice, this salsa is a game-changer and will provide some much needed freshness amidst all the savory snacks on game day. So, grab your apron and get ready to elevate your salsa game with this rugged, flavor-packed recipe.

Healthier Options

Explore healthier options for game day dips to keep your spread delicious and satisfying. From lightened-up versions of classic favorites to creative twists on traditional recipes, these alternatives will keep you and your guests coming back for more.

Smoked Trout Dip


Add a healthy twist to your party dips spread with this smoked trout recipe. This flavorful combination of smoked trout, creamy Greek yogurt, and zesty seasonings is a refreshing departure from traditional options. Make sure to brine your trout filets before combining them with the other ingredients though for ultimate flavor.

Smoked Salmon Veggie Dip


Smoked salmon dip might be a classic, but when made on the Traeger you’ll never look at it the same way. Brined salmon is perfectly smoked over Hickory pellets and then combined with cream cheese, sour cream, fresh herbs, and zesty lemon. You’ll find yourself going back for seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths.

Seven-Layer Dip


Packed with layers of savory flavors like creamy guacamole, tangy sour cream, and zesty salsa, this dip is guaranteed to be a fan favorite. Whether you're cheering on your team or simply enjoying the game with friends, this crowd-pleaser will keep everyone reaching for more, making it the MVP of your game day lineup.

Grilled Corn Salsa


Another dip that offers a healthier twist is this Traeger Grilled Corn Salsa. Bursting with flavors of grilled corn, juicy tomatoes, and zesty lime, this salsa is a lighter alternative that doesn’t skimp on taste. Perfect for dipping chips or topping tacos, this vibrant salsa adds a nutritious kick to any gathering.

Serving Ideas


No dip is complete without delicious dippers. Explore a world of possibilities, from crunchy tortilla chips and crisp vegetable sticks to warm pita bread and flavorful crackers. Get creative and mix and match to find your perfect dip-and-dipper combination. While store-bought options are convenient, why not keep the Traeger love going by making some from scratch? Dive into Traeger options below and elevate your snacking experience:

Ultimate Game Day Dip

by Traeger Kitchen

Prep Time

10 Min

Cook Time

30 Min





Kick off game day with the ultimate snack. This three cheese dip is elevated with wood-fired bacon, spiced with jalapeños and baked over mesquite wood for a dip your crowd will flip over.

1 Poundcream cheese, softened
1 CupMayonnaise
1 Cupshredded cheddar cheese
1/2 Cupshredded Parmesan cheese
6 jalapeños, seeded, ribs removed and finely diced
8 Slicesbacon, cooked and finely chopped;
1/2 Cupchopped scallions
chips, crostini or vegetables, for serving
1 Cuppanko breadcrumbs
1/2 Cupshredded Parmesan cheese
1/4 Cupbutter, melted
  • 1

    When ready to cook, set Traeger temperature to 350℉ and preheat with the lid closed for 15 minutes.

  • 2

    In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine cream cheese and mayonnaise and mix with the paddle attachment until combined. Fold in remaining ingredients for the dip.

  • 3

    Transfer to a cast iron skillet and smooth out the top. Combine ingredients for the topping and place on top of the dip. Place cast iron directly on the grill grate and cook 20 to 30 minutes or until the top is lightly browned and the dip is bubbling.

  • 4

    Serve with chips, crostini or veggies for dipping. Enjoy!

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